A Daunting Prospect

Alison Whittaker

Alison Whittaker, a Gomeroi woman from Gunnedah in NSW, has just graduated from UTS:Law and is about to attend prestigious Harvard University to aide her research on sentencing reform for indigenous women.

In the beginning however, she only had $600 to her name and no income stream she wasn’t sure how she’d balance work and study. It was then that she applied for and was accepted to receive the inaugural Law Equity Scholarship at UTS.

‘We all did a dance around the house. It was such a relief. My life would have been very different had I not received the Law Equity Scholarship.’

Alison believes that she couldn’t have achieved everything she’s done without it, including graduating with first class honours. During her time at UTS Law she established the Indigenous Collective which provides support and advice to Indigenous students on campus. This is when she realised the importance of the balance between law and her Aboriginal community.

"The UTS Law Equity Scholarship made my undergraduate study possible, for one. It bought essentials for study and living in the first four years of my undergraduate coursework."

Help Support Our Future Students

Along with numerous awards, Alison has also been honoured as a recipient of the 2017 Fulbright Indigenous Postgraduate Scholarship, which will see her travel to the US to attend prestigious Harvard Law School.

"The UTS Law Equity Scholarship made my undergraduate study possible ... it bought essentials for study and living in the first four years of my undergraduate coursework"

Completing her Master of Laws (LLM) at Harvard, Alison plans to explore similarities and tensions in the enforcement and development of Indigenous law-making alongside emerging responses by Indigenous women against gendered violence. Alison hopes to foster relationships between the Indigenous Australian and Native American scholarship that makes governance and violence its focus, and contribute to implementing it locally.

The Law Equity Scholarship has the potential to change a life. The scholarship is awarded each year to full time law students facing significant financial disadvantage.

‘Everyone is worth hearing and every mind is worth cultivating under the best possible circumstances. The UTS  Law Equity scholarship has empowered my voice and has made my education not only accessible and possible, but engaging. Thank you.’

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Professor Lesley Hitchens
Dean of UTS Law