Building for tomorrow with today’s STEM generation

Photo of the Salini Impregilo signing

Pictured: Photo of the Salini Impregilo Scholarship signing.

Global engineering and construction group Salini Impregilo is formalising its partnership with UTS through the Australia Tomorrow’s Builders Scholarship.

Part of a long term-strategy to bolster Australia’s infrastructure growth, the scholarship will support students from UTS’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building who have a special interest in construction or infrastructure.

“Investing to attract young talent is essential to the company's long-term vision,” said Salini Impregilo CEO Pietro Salini. “In the last three years, 40% of the 25,000 people that we have hired are under 30 years of age”.

Salini Impregilo is a global leader in complex infrastructure projects such as hydroelectric plants, metro systems, airports, motorways and industrial buildings. The company is also committed to creating sustainable solutions that promote growth and innovation, while investing in future generations.

While expanding their Australian presence with projects such as the Australian Hydroelectric project Snowy 2.0, Perth’s Forrestfield-Airport Link and part of Sydney’s Metro Northwest, Salini Impregilo entered into partnership with UTS in late 2018.

"Investing to attract young talent is essential to the company's long-term vision" - Salini Impregilo CEO Pietro Salini

“We are keen to support UTS students through a long-term scholarship program, also encouraging the participation of women in the engineering sector, with the University’s Women in Engineering program. We would like also to promote public debate around the future of Australia’s infrastructure with a focus on new technologies, environment, and sustainability”, said Marco Assorati, Executive Director Asia Pacific.

In November 2018, Salini Impregilo and UTS co-hosted the launch of ‘The Flexible Cities: The future of Australian Infrastructure’ report. Produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Salini Impregilo with input from UTS academics, the report advocated for smarter, more adaptive infrastructure that can serve Australia’s rapidly-growing urban populations.

It also highlighted the need for greater investment in STEM education to address the nationwide skills shortage.

In line with the last recommendation, Salini Impregilo has created the Australia Tomorrow’s Builders Scholarship. Under the scholarship, two UTS students a year will be awarded $10,000 and the opportunity to do a paid internship with Salini Impregilo. The scholarship will run for five years from July 2019.

The Dean of UTS’s Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, Elizabeth Mossop, said the wider partnership with Salini Impregilo will also include events and research to foster debate on public infrastructure development.

“We are very keen to collaborate with Salini Impregilo in research and education for the development of intelligent infrastructure for Australian cities.”

For more information on the Australia Tomorrow’s Builders Scholarship program and details on how to apply, please visit