Jake Duczynski

“It feels like I’ve found a place not only for my voice, but for the people who don’t often have a voice in this country,” Jake Duczynski, Bachelor of Design in Animation (Hons) (2016).

Everyone wants a better future for young Indigenous people. It starts with one student. With your help, they succeed.

The success of animator and UTS Design graduate Jake Duczynski shows how far Indigenous students can take their talents with the support of a UTS degree.

Winner of the 2017 UTS Young Alumni Award, Jake and his small team at SBS won the 2016 Walkley Award for Multimedia Storytelling, and the award for Best Responsive Website at the SXSW Festival in Texas for their interactive animated Indigenous language app, My Grandmother’s Lingo.

None of this would be possible without the support Jake received at UTS, through programs such as Jumbunna, which offers Indigenous students a home away from home, and a place where they can thrive in campus life.

"When I was introduced to Jumbunna, it helped me immensely,” Jake says. “The housing support allowed me to be upstairs from the studio where we worked, so I could dedicate a lot more time to my craft. That was the result of the people in Jumbunna."

Small contributions from all of us will see more Indigenous students achieve their life-changing UTS degrees, and make a positive difference to future generations.

You might think it’s a small gesture, but your donation drives programs like Jumbunna that create long-term change.

Yes, I will help Indigenous students get a life-changing degree

One such student is Ellebana Tyson, who has her sights set on bringing about change for all Indigenous peoples.

“I think Jumbunna is so supportive if I was going to go to any other uni I wouldn’t get the same sort of support. They go above and beyond to help the students. Uni is overwhelming and to have that support is vital. I can’t speak highly enough of Jumbunna," she says.

Ellebana is studying a double degree in Journalism and Law at UTS. Her scholarship to UTS, made possible by people like you, is helping her devote crucial time to study, while bringing up her young 18 month old daughter, Tia.

“This support has opened so many doors. If it wasn't for UTS choosing me, I don't think those doors would have been opened to me.

“My mum studied nursing at UTS, and it’s definitely somewhere I want my kids to come and study. My other family members never had the opportunity so that’s why I always strive to do my best at university.”

At UTS, we believe improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians is everyone’s responsibility. So we invite you to join our community of regular givers, to drive change and ensure every Indigenous student can access higher education, earn their life-changing degree and go on to greater things.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, it starts by degrees – by small contributions from people like you.

Yes, I will join the community changing Indigenous education