Overcoming the stigma of asking for help...

Abigail Dixon

Abigail Dixon’s experience shows how a little help from UTS can go a long way

“I was embarrassed to be asking for money… You feel like you’re going to be judged when you have to ask for money because you can’t afford the rent.”

"It’s heartbreaking for people especially when they know, ‘Yes, this is something I really want to do, and I have the grades and I have the stamina to do it, but I can’t afford it’”

Abigail Dixon, who is in her final year studying nursing at UTS, can still recall vividly the moment she realised she needed help. She’d moved to Sydney from the NSW Central Coast in her first year because commuting was impractical, but the internships and work placements that form part of her studies are unpaid. She couldn’t make ends meet.

“I had a weekend job back on the Central Coast, but it wasn’t enough to pay for food, rent, bills and transport while I’m away on placement,” she says. “So I called up Student Services and they helped me apply for financial assistance from UTS.

“It wasn’t a freebie. I had to plead my case and explain that I was in trouble, that I actually needed help,” she adds. “I received $250, which covered my rent for the week I was away on placement. It was such a relief.”


Many students are facing similar financial problems, and due to the reductions in government funding and cost of living increase, many students just can’t afford to study.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni like you, we are able to help students like Abigail with assistance for textbooks, academic support, accommodation and cost of commuting through your support of the UTS Annual Appeal, raising funds for students facing financial hardship.

By offering your support with a gift of $50 today, you can ensure that students like Abigail have the resources they need to finish their degree successfully.

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Abigail has nearly completed her degree and is looking forward to specialising in critical care nursing and working in an Intensive Care or Emergency department.

She’s also deeply grateful for the support she received from the UTS community.

“As an advocate for nursing students – it’s made my degree fly by with a lot less stress than needs be.

“It makes me feel proud of being part of the university. There are other universities that don’t provide that kind of support. I feel so welcome here that I wouldn’t study anywhere else, no matter what the ranking is. That’s beyond me now. It’s the support and the culture of the university that I really value.”

All donations of AUD$2 or more are tax deductible.  You can also be confident that 100% of your gift will directly benefit students facing financial hardship, as all administration costs are covered.

We are enormously appreciative of the ongoing generosity of the UTS community, and thank you for your support.