Paying it forward

Fatma Alameddine

"With my career in law, I want to go further into advocacy. I want to have the legitimacy of a lawyer and a legal practitioner to be able to assist refugees specifically."

Fatma Alameddine is a first year law student. She came to UTS with a dream to deliver accessible and legal aid to refugees.

"I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to access affordable legal aid and a certain level of quality of life".

"I was really struggling at the time, trying to balance work and uni. Nothing about a social life, I completely forgot about that."

Shortly after commencing her studies she realised the pressures of being a law student.

The cost of textbooks, travel time and the contact hours at university, as well as the amount of study required put a significant drain on her financial ability to sustain herself as a student, as well as support her family.

She wasn’t sure how she would be able to make it through the next few years of her degree, let alone achieve her dreams.

Fatma knew she would need support to be able to continue to study and she wasn’t going to give up on her dream.

Help students achieve their dreams

With the support of the UTS Law Community, Fatma was awarded the UTS Law Equity Scholarship.

The scholarship has enabled Fatma to receive the extra support she needed to purchase textbooks and focus on her studies.

The Law Equity Scholarship has the potential to change a life. The scholarship is awarded each year to full time law students facing significant financial disadvantage.

'The scholarship helped me immeasurably, I can spend less time working and more time studying' says Fatma.

Paying it forward

Fatma’s ultimate dream is to ‘pay it forward’ and help marginalised communities.

A career in law became the obvious choice for Fatma, while she was volunteering with charity organisations and tutoring at a refugee centre.

Her eyes were opened to issues that face those who seek refuge in Australia. She instantly felt a connection with those families she was assisting.

Everyone deserves a chance at a quality education no matter their circumstances and Fatma wants to help both refugees and those with disabilities experience the same opportunities as everyone else.

Make a gift to the Law Equity Scholarship today. No matter how large or small, your gift can create life changing opportunities for UTS Law students.

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Scholarships are the keys to open the doors of success for many of our students who might not otherwise able to afford to study at university.

Can you support future generations of students like Fatma, enabling them to realise their potential, and build foundations of a fulfilling career?

I want to support future generations of law students

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