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Michael AschersobiMichael Aschersobi - From Iran to UTS

UTS offers a variety of scholarships to help disadvantaged students achieve their educational goals. The recipients may come from rural areas, be sole parents or have carer responsibilities. They may be dealing with the challenges that come with long-term medical conditions, a disability or the effects of abuse. Some are Indigenous Australians, and some, like Michael Aschersobi, were once refugees.

Many of these students would otherwise be unable to afford to study and drop out. However, thanks to the generosity of alumni like you, they can receive the financial assistance - for textbooks, accommodation and travel - and the academic support that keeps them at university.

All students should have access to an education. Can you help us give another disadvantaged student the opportunity to reach their full potential?

Diversity Access Scholarship

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This program assists students from low socio-economic backgrounds who may also be experiencing other forms of educational disadvantage which make it difficult to achieve their educational goals. This scholarship is available to undergraduate, postgraduate and research students and is valued at between $500 and $2,500 per session, with a maximum duration of two sessions.

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Faculty of Law Equity Scholarship

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The Faculty of Law Equity Scholarship is available to one commencing, full-time UTS Law student who demonstrates a high level of financial need or other disadvantage. It has a total value of $20,000 paid over four years.

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UTS Alumni Scholarship

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The UTS Alumni Scholarship aims to support and recognise the contributions of current UTS undergraduate students who have demonstrated commitment to UTS and the wider community through their involvement in community service activities. Seven  new recipients are awarded the Scholarship each year. This Scholarship is valued at $5,000.

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