Student International Leadership Program

Nathan Wiltshire

Pictured: Nathan Wiltshire, student Business Studies, in Bombay

BUiLDing student connections with the world at large

"BUiLD has allowed me more opportunities than I can imagine, provided me with the chance to network with amazing people, and this program has taken me further than I had ever thought" – Sarah Nguyen, Bachelor of Nursing.

We want our students to become global leaders who can solve the big challenges facing us. That's why we've introduced BUiLD, an innovative program which provides students with international leadership development opportunities.

Sarah Nguyen, Bachelor of Nursing, is excited by the opportunities BUiLD has given her. "The BUiLD program offered me a chance to gain new experiences… to become more aware and educated about issues that are important in today's society."

"I've been inspired by the high profile speakers from seminars I have attended, especially [Young Australian of the Year and Director of The Global Poverty Project] Hugh Evans and [former child slave and now champion of girls' rights] Somaly Mam. They have both inspired me to become more active in my desired ability to help others and make a difference.

Learning from other cultures

Overseas experience is a cornerstone of the BUiLD program, and hundreds of students have taken advantage of the opportunity to spend time in another country – like Nathan Wiltshire, whose business studies took him to the bustling streets of Bombay "as part of a quest to learn from the best in the social business".

"I joined BUiLD to satisfy my interest in social and economic development and to meet people who share these passions," he says. "I believe these fields of knowledge are critical to a well–rounded education and have not traditionally been a focus for most Australian universities. The BUiLD program at UTS provides the opportunity to learn, network and travel.

"By participating in BUiLD I hope to achieve further qualifications to add to my degree. I also hope to learn about social issues, new ways of tackling these issues and to learn about the extraordinary people dedicating their lives to the betterment of society - to be inspired."

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