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UTS Central reading room

Pictured: UTS Central reading room.

UTS is on its way to becoming a world-leading university of technology – and the opening of our cutting-edge new library and reading room in UTS Central will be a major milestone on this journey.

Spanning three levels and shaped by the latest digital infrastructure, the new UTS Blake Library will be at the heart of our physical and digital campus. It will be a place for a lifetime of learning, with study and exhibition spaces, sweeping outdoor terraces and an electronic retrieval system reaching beneath the Alumni Green.

Next to the library will be three high-tech collaborative theatres, which support active learning experiences for up to 350 students at a time.

At UTS, we believe learning should be open to everyone. Which is why we are bringing a reading room – the traditional scholarly space of all great universities – to our community. Open to all who wish to read, research, collaborate and reflect, the UTS Reading Room will be a light-filled, triple-height space overlooking the Alumni Green. It will connect to the library via a dedicated spiral stairway.

Our reading room will feature towering bookshelves and custom chairs. Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building alumni and award-winning industrial designer Adam Goodrum has designed the timber chairs. His design will reflect the scholarly purpose of the space, and provide a comfortable seat for all who use the UTS Reading Room, long into the future.

The new UTS Library and UTS Reading Room mark a coming of age for the university. We are taking on the technology that transforms the business of learning, responding to the growth in our student and staff numbers, and bringing an important scholarly space to our Ultimo precinct.

Providing the best educational facilities and technology requires large, continued investment. We invite you to make a gift to help our students and entire community enjoy our world-class library, learning spaces and reading room for generations to come.

Byline: Felicity Kitson