UTS Rowing Club

UTS Rowing Club

UTS Haberfield Rowing Club: Past, Present and Future

The history of the renowned Haberfield Rowing Club goes back to 1925. Since its beginning it has provided a supportive and welcoming environment to generations of athletes and club members in creating a community of special lifelong friends. Its inclusive spirit remains a strong value of the Club today, as does the pursuit of excellence.

At UTS Rowing, we are proud of our sporting and community legacy. During the pinnacle of our success, between 1992 and 2008, we sent 37 athletes and coaches to the Olympics who brought home 16 medals.

"I passionately believe in investing in a secure future for rowing at UTS which will establish it as the premier rowing club in Australia."
- Professor Ross Milbourne
Former Vice-Chancellor UTS

Our future vision reflects the Club's significant history of success – to be Australia's leading source for elite rowing athletes in international competition, while providing a positive and supportive environment where athletes can achieve their maximum potential.

The University and ActivateUTS (formerly the UTS Union) have demonstrated their commitment to this goal, with a substantial investment of over $8 million dollars to create an exciting new state of the art facility at Haberfield.

UTS is an athlete friendly university with a respected Elite Athlete Program that has assisted many of our UTS rowers. This program helps them to balance and fulfil their sport commitments and studies. To give our student athletes every opportunity for success, we recognise a need for specific scholarships and additional programs.

We know that a world class rowing facility is a positive first step in creating a club that can produce the next generation of rowing talent in Australia. We now need to recruit and retain world-class coaches, purchase and maintain superior rowing equipment, attract top athletes and provide scholarship support. We are now actively building a community of supporters to work with us in achieving these goals. We invite you to join that community.