Staff Giving Program

Staff donors posing for the camera

Learn how you can help create a brighter future for students

Since 2006, UTS staff have donated close to $1 million through the UTS Staff Giving Program. Thanks to the generosity of these staff donors, hundreds of students have received critical support to complete their education through financial aid and special programs.

Michael AschersobiMichael Aschersobi - From Iran to UTS

The UTS Staff Giving Program assisted more than 1,500 students in the last 12 months alone, providing support to students facing financial hardship; Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research; and equity grants for students for thesis completion. Through the power of collective giving, the UTS Staff Giving Program has provided countless students access to a world-class education, regardless of cultural, social, or financial barriers.

The need for financial help continues to grow. You can join your fellow staff givers and be an integral part of changing lives through education. You can sign up as a regular giver and nominate to give out of your pay each fortnight, or you can make one off gifts. Donations of any size quickly add up and we welcome all participation levels. Please join the growing community of UTS staff givers who have a deep belief in our students and UTS by joining the UTS Staff Giving Program.

  • Join today and help us reach more students with critical financial aid
  • Make a one-off donation as every gift counts and is matched by the University

Joining is easy and you are joining many of your staff peers in giving to students in need! As longstanding staff donor Wendy Trethewy says, "It's something I do to help others that I don't need to think about. My feeling is that it would be a shame for someone's studies to suffer or to cease due to their financial situation."

Benefits of the UTS Staff Giving Program

  • 100 per cent of your donation goes directly to supporting students
  • UTS matches each donation dollar-for-dollar
  • Donations are made through payroll from pre-tax salary, resulting in an immediate tax deduction
  • At the end of each tax year UTS will provide you with confirmation of your donations to UTS
  • Staff have the opportunity to direct their donations to the following funds:
    • Scholarships for students facing financial hardship
    • Indigenous student support services
    • Thesis completion equity grants for research students

Our valued staff donors are invited to an exclusive thank you event each year hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, where they hear directly from students about the impact their giving has had.