Upgrade your recurring donation

I would like to increase my fortnightly donation for the Staff Giving Program to the following amount:


With an increased regular donation of:
from my fortnightly salary and understand that this will be made from my pre-tax pay, and that UTS will provide me with confirmation of my donations at the end of each tax year.

Personal information



By completing the Staff Giving Donation form I hereby request and authorise UTS to deduct from my salary the amount/s as indicated in the designation section above. I understand the University will NOT issue any receipt in respect of the donation but that the details of my annual contributions will be recorded on my payment summary.
I understand that Staff Giving deductions will be made from my pre-tax pay, so that I may receive any tax benefit immediately. I acknowledge that small fortnightly donations may not have an impact on my fortnightly tax withheld. This advice is provided as general guidance only. I understand that if I require further assistance, I should seek out independent personal taxation advice, or go to www.ato.gov.au for further information.
I understand that once a deduction has been made it cannot be recovered. I acknowledge that donations made under this arrangement are made voluntarily and unconditionally and I will not benefit from the donation other than the benefit of the deduction itself.
I acknowledge that should I wish to cease my donation arrangement, I will email staff.giving@uts.edu.au and should I wish to upgrade my giving I will use the upgrade form.